Inflatable Kayaks – Sea Eagle & Innova gives you a complete selection of inflatable kayak styles from two quality manufacturers … Sea Eagle & Innova. And, we want to help you find the perfect fit!

We have sold inflatable kayaks to nearly 3,000 satisfied customers. Based on the questions they’ve asked us and the criteria they have used to decide what type of kayak to buy, we’ve compiled these lists of the best kayaks to buy in each of several categories.

You can also look at our Inflatable Kayak Comparison Chart to compare specifications.

Best For BeginnersSea Eagle 370 Pro Solo Package with Carry Bag

Best For WhitewaterInnova Safari Whitewater

Best For TrackingSea Eagle Fast Track Paddling

Best SellersInnova Swing 1 Inflatable Kayak in Action

Why Buy an Inflatable Kayak?

Light Weight – Most inflatable kayaks are in the 20 to 30 lb. range! Some are as light as 16 pounds!
High Quality – The latest high tech fabrics and materials make these rigid inflatable kayaks very difficult to puncture or tear!
Easy Storage – Large crafts that fold down to duffel bag size!
Easy Transport – No car carrier needed. They fit in your trunk!
Fast Assembly – Nearly all of our inflatable kayaks can be water ready in less that 25 minutes — Max!
Excellent Value – Compared to solid, hard shell kayaks .. Inflatable Kayaks offer more boat for less money!