Welcome to PortableKayaks.com. Since 2006 we have been serving online customers by providing excellent deals on portable water craft and useful information for kayakers and outdoor lovers.  When we say “portable”, we mean a boat that can be carried and stored very easily. Paddling a Pakboat SacoInflatable and folding kayaks, inflatable fishing craft and inflatable stand up paddle boards (SUP’s) are all included in that description. You can store them in a closet. You don’t need a storage rack in your garage. You can transport them in your trunk or the back of your van instead of needing a car top rack or a trailer. That’s “portable” and that’s what we’re talking about!

For all our years in business, we have touted our web site by the slogan … “at PortableKayaks.com, You’re not just another butt in a boat!” Now and in the future, as an informational site, we will continue to make customer service (for web site visitors) our priority!

More about PortableKayaks.com?

Our mission at PortableKayaks.com is to provide a variety of information related to inflatable kayaks, fishing craft, folding kayaks and inflatable stand up paddleboards (SUP’s) to help you make decisions about purchasing or to learn more about how to use your inflatable boat or watercraft. We have sold these products to over 3,000 customers since 2006. Bottom line is … we know quite a bit about inflatable and folding watercraft.

Although visitors are no longer be able to order directly from us via our web site, we are still providing links to a variety of other web sites where products can be purchased. Should you click on a link and purchase from them, we may receive a small commission. These commissions are paid to us based on the other web site’s advertised prices. You will not be paying more for any products purchased from the other sites.

What Do You Want to Know About Portable, Inflatable Boats?

Here is a list of areas where we can provide you with information …

  • Inflatable Kayaks – Visit this page for information about inflatable kayaks in general. You will also find a good deal of information that should be able to help you decide which is the best kayak for you.
  • Folding Kayaks – Read about folding kayaks, how they differ from inflatables and hard shell kayaks and learn about the companies that are making them now.
  • Inflatable Boats – Here is where you can learn about a variety of inflatable boats and other water crafts that are designed specifically for fishing.
  • Stand Up Paddle Boards – Growing in popularity over the past decade, SUP’s are now seen on rivers, streams, lakes and oceans throughout the entire country.
  • To learn more about kayaking in general and outdoor activities related to paddling … Click here to see a list of informational articles.

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