Float Tubes

Inflatable float tubes, also referred to as “belly boats”, are often used by fishermen to Original U-Boat float tubesneak into the hard to get to areas of a lake or river. They may look like a simple inner-tube with some straps on it, but modern float tubes are designed to be a top notch fishing craft. Over the years float tubes have been streamlined for better self-propulsion and steering. The material is tough and punctures are not very common.

Fishing from a float tube is becoming more and more popular, especially with fly fishermen. One “fly guy” from Southern Indiana, Jeff Carmichael, has written many articles and posted several videos on his web site about fishing from a float tube. Jeff’s YouTube channel has a number of videos that provide information about how to fish from a float tube.

Previously, Portable Kayaks carried Creek Company float tubes, however they are no longer for sale here due to Creek Company changing their wholesale drop ship program. 

You can search for float tubes on Amazon.com or you can check out our selection of Sea Eagle Frameless Pontoons, FoldCat Pontoons or Inflatable Fishing Boats.