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Innova Swing Kayak

Innova Swing kayaks are fast, green, and light. Decked inflatable boats with handsome lines that cut through the water perfectly. Swing kayaks inflate in about 5 minutes and easily dry off and pack away.

Innova Swing 1 Inflatable Kayak in Action

For more information about the Innova Swing, click here.

Innova Seawave Kayak

The Innova Safari is no longer available. It is being replaced by the Seawave, which is one of Europe’s most popular inflatable kayaks. The Innova Seawave will be available in the Spring of 2017. Check back with us for more details later.
Innova Seawave Tandem inflatable kayak

The Seawave zips through the water, yet still maintains stability and maneuverability. The Seawave is long and narrow at 14’9″ and 31″ across. Another reason for it’s popularity is adaptability. The Seawave easily converts from a single to a double by simply changing the decks. It can be a sit in or sit on, depending on your needs. You can accessorize your Seawave with a foot operated rudder, of the highest engineering. The rudder is constructed to challenge high winds and keeps the Seawave tracking.

The Seawave comes with a 100 L Transport Backpack, Repair Kit, (includes adapter) and a sponge. You can also purchase the spray skirts separately.

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