Order Accessories by Phone …

Due to constant inventory fluctuations and pricing adjustments, does not list manufacturer’s accessories for sale on our web site. However, almost any accessory offered by the brands we sell can be purchased from us by a simple phone call.

Call us at 812-738-5485 for pricing of individual accessories or to add an accessory to your boat or kayak order.

To search for available accessories from our manufacturers, simply click on the links below, then call us to add it to your order …

Sea Eagle Accessories

Innova Kayak Accessories

Creek Company Accessories

PakBoat Accessories

Additional Paddles & Sails

The following items can be ordered by phone from (812-734-5485) as well as Click the links below for pricing and call us to order.

WindPaddle Kayak Sails

Cannon Kayak Paddles

Cannon Stand Up Paddles