Sea Eagle Fast Track Kayak (385ft & 465ft)

The Fast Track performance kayaks from Sea Eagle blasted unto the marketplace in 2010 and quickly became a favorite for paddlers who wanted great tracking in an inflatable kayak. The new models are even better. They are faster, sleeker, lighter and more rigid than ever before! There are two versions of the Fast Track, the 385ft and the 465ft.


385ft Solo Deluxe


385ft Deluxe


385ft Pro


385ft Pro Carbon


465ft 2 Person Deluxe


465ft 3 Person Deluxe


465ft Pro


465ft Pro Carbon


Add a Sail to Your Package:
Regular Price $159.00 – Only $150 with Your Package
370 Pro with QuikSail

* The QuikSail universal kayak sail, converts any kayak into a sailing vessel. Easy deployment in under one minute, breaks down to just 43″ for convenient storage in the bow or stern. This “down wind” sail can move a kayak up to 7 knots and can be steered using your paddle as a rudder.
* Works with all Sea Eagle Kayaks and almost any other kayak out there.

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