Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak (300x, 380x & 420x)

Sea Eagle Explorer kayaks were introduced in 1978 and have undergone several design improvements since then. The latest changes enable the Explorer kayaks to track straighter in open water and to perform better in white water. They are 20% lighter, but structurally stronger because of an improved system for fabricating the hull which uses less seams. The seams are electronically welded and the kayak is made of a light, but strong, 1000 denier weaved fabric that’s incredibly tough. These inflatable kayaks continue to rate highly as one of the most versatile inflatable boats you can buy. Available in 3 versions, the 300x (Solo), 380x and 420x.


300x Deluxe


300x Pro


300 Pro Carbon


380x Deluxe


380x Pro


380x Pro Carbon


420x Deluxe


420x Pro


420x Pro Carbon

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