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Inflatable Kayaks

Sea Eagle PaddleSki

Sea Eagle PaddleSki – The Sea Eagle PaddleSki™ might be the most versatile kayak in the world! This unique inflatable catamaran kayak is really 4 hulls in 1. You can choose to paddle, motor, sail and fish with this incredible inflatable craft. Best of all it still packs down to a mere fraction of it’s inflatable size so storage and transportation are a dream.

Advanced Elements Advanced Frame Sport Kayak
Advanced Elements
– A full line of quality kayaks for recreational use. Models include the Advanced Frame series, the StraitEdge series, the Packlite and a complete line of SUP’s (Stand Up Paddle Boards). Shop for Advanced Elements kayaks on

Folding Kayaks

TRAK Seeker ST 16 – A high performance 16 foot long folding kayak that packs in a airline ready bag (the size of a golf bag). The TRAK also features the ability to change it’s shape by adjusting the pressure of 3 hydraulic jacks. Assembly is fast, too, only 10 minutes and you’re on the water.
Trak Kayaks

Inflatable Boats

Sea Eagle Yacht Tender – The 8′ 10″ Yacht Tender (8.10 yt) is easy to carry, easy to stow, easy to set up, easy to row, and easy to motor. It weighs only 59 lbs. and packs small enough to stow easily below deck, yet it will carry up to 1067 pounds of people and gear, recommended up to 4 passengers.

Sea Eagle Sport Runabouts – These tough and rugged, lightweight, spacious inflatable boats have been an all time favorite for family boaters as well as various Public Safety Officials such as Fire Rescue and Law Enforcement alike. There are 5 models available ranging from 10′ 6″ to 12′ 6″, able to handle up to a 40 hp outboard motor. Click the images below for more information.

Emergency & Camping Food (Freeze Dried Food)

Freeze Dried Food MealsWise Company – Offering a selection of long term storage and short term emergency buckets made up of resealable multi-serving packages. Shop for Wise Company food.

Lindon Farms – Excellent ‘calories per meal’ selections available in buckets of resealable packages. Lindon Farms also has Ready Fuel™. Shop for Lindon Farms products.

Survival Cave – Another company that offers long term freeze dried meals and an excellent selection of canned meats that keep for up to 15 years. Shop for Survival Cave items.

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