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Just released .... the Sea Eagle QuikSail, another style of sail for small boats and inflatable kayaks featuring 14 square feet of sailing power. Check out the Sea Eagle QuikSail here!!!


Paddling is fun, but sometimes it would be nice to add another dimension to your kayak or canoe, like sailing. Now, you can do it! Paddlers have been modifying small paddling crafts with sails for many years, but the WindPaddle™ has begun a new era in small-craft sailing. If you've been searching for a kayak sail system, you've found the right place!

These nifty WindPaddle™ sails are light and easy to use. They are made by sail-makers and they are made specifically for small watercraft. The WindPaddle™ is a self-launching, free-standing sail that works on all types of kayaks, canoes, sit-on-tops and paddle boards whether it’s traditional hard shell models or the folding and inflatable types we sell. It clips quickly and easily to existing deck lines or hardware and it can be launched or doused (folded up) while on the water.

NOTE: "Practical Sailor" magazine reviewed The WindPaddle™, calling it a "good addition to the toy box." 

Sail your kayak or canoe with the WindPaddle™

  • Paddlers have been modifying small crafts like kayaks and canoes with sails for many years, but the WindPaddle™ has begun a new era in small-craft sailing.
  • The WindPaddle™ is a self-launching, free-standing sail rig for kayaks, canoes, sit-on-tops, paddle boards, and other small watercraft.
  • With the lowest center of gravity of any kayak/canoe sail available, the WindPaddle™ is the safest sail system you can buy!
  • The Scout kayak sail weighs only 13 ounces. The Adventure kayak sail weighs just 14 ounces. The Cruiser kayak sail only 22 ounces. All of the WindPaddle™ sails stow on deck in a small folded coil 1/8th its deployed size.
  • The WindPaddle™ usually requires NO modifications to your boat. Instead, it clips quickly and easily to existing deck lines or hardware.
  • Combine this with the ability to be quickly launched and doused while out on the water, you have a safest, easiest-to-use sail system available for small watercraft sailing!!
  • WindPaddle™ Kayak Sails look like they are made by a sail maker, because they are! Combine modern materials, technology and proven sail design, and you get a high-performance sail kit that's durable and easy-to-use. 

WindPaddle™ Kayak & Canoe Sails
have been accepted quickly by the paddling public because, as compared to what WAS currently available in the marketplace, they are:

  • Less expensive
  • Lighter in weight (approx. 25% the weight of the other guy’s sails, i.e. Spirit, P.A., Quiver, Easy Rider, etc.)
  • Quicker to fasten to the boat and launch
  • Safer due to the low center of effort (the lowest of them ALL)
  • Connects to existing deck hardware (No drilling, fastening, screwing or gluing required)
  • Switches quickly and easily from boat to boat (Because of the above)
  • Only sail that works well and fits on folding and the growing inflatable-class of kayaks
  • Works with both Kayaks and Canoes.

Click Here to see ... How to Fold Your WindPaddle™ Sail

Click Here to see ... How to Sail with Your WindPaddle™

NOTE: (From the owners of One problem that occurs with some models of inflatable kayaks (i.e. the Sea Eagle 330 & 370) is that the wind can move the kayak in a direction you don’t necessarily want to go. We have found that to be true most often with a tail wind. I had been looking for some way to correct the problem when a friend suggested I check out the WindPaddle™ Sail. On a recent trip to Michigan we tested it out in our SE-330. My wife held/steered the sail with the guide lines and I used my paddle as a rudder with some slight paddling/steering corrections. It worked really well. Needless to say, our attitude toward paddling on windy days in open water has changed. Now we want to get out and sail!

WindPaddle Sails

WindPaddle Scout SailThe WindPaddle™ Scout Sail is best suited for Solo Recreational Boats to Touring Kayaks 8’ – 15’ in length. Excellent for smaller Inflatable Kayaks!
WindPaddle Bimini Sun ShadeThe WindPaddle “Bimini” is a Sun Shade that's designed for paddle craft. It will attach simply to existing deck fasteners or hardware that's already on your kayak, inflatable, canoe or small boat.
WindPaddle Adventure SailThe WindPaddle™ Adventure Sail is best suited for Touring and Expedition boats 14’ – 18’ in length. It can be used with solo and tandem kayaks.
Makani SUP SailThe "Makani" SUP sail enters the Stand Up Paddleboard market as the first and only pure SUP sail available. The "Makani" allows you to take advantage of very light winds since it is the lightest weight SUP sail available.
WindPaddle Cruiser SailThe WindPaddle™ Cruiser Sail is best suited for Touring and Expedition boats 14’ – 18’ in length in stronger winds. It can be used with solo and tandem kayaks. 50% Larger sail area than the other WindPaddle Sails.

How To Fold Your WindPaddle™ Sail


Folding a WindPaddle sail can be a bit challenging the first time or two. Don't give up! Everyone says that once you get the hang of it, it really is quite simple! Here are some important things to remember before using your WindPaddle:

  • Watch the Folding Video. Watch it again!
  • The WindPaddle is folded into thirds, not halves. You collapse it in such a way that it makes three loops that fold down on each other.
  • As you fold your WindPaddle, make sure to keep it in one plane - that is, don't let the bottom twist and turn. This is much easier to do when the sail is attached to the boat. If it is not attached to your boat, you should brace the bottom of your WindPaddle against your legs, keeping it flat against you and not letting it twist.
  • It’s highly recommended that you master folding your WindPaddle before you venture out on the water with it!

    The video on the left <<< shows how to fold the Scout & Adventure Sails.


 video on the right >>> shows how to fold the Cruiser Sail.

How to Sail with Your WindPaddle™

The WindPaddle was designed by sailors and paddlers to be an efficient, safe and lightweight downwind sail. Its low center of effort makes it the most stable sail to use with kayaks, canoes and other small craft. Even if you are new to sailing, we think you'll find sailing your WindPaddle very intuitive and easy to use. Sailing your boat with a WindPaddle is exhilarating, and in breeze can move you along faster than you could ever paddle!

Wind Paddle Sail HarnessBEFORE YOU SAIL: 

For your safety and enjoyment, we highly recommend that you become familiar with the setup and operation of your WindPaddle before taking it out on the water. Practice coiling, folding and stowing the sail on your boat. Though it will work with a light breeze, the WindPaddle works best in a steady 10 or more knots of wind. The WindHarness should be cinched down tight for downwind sailing (see photo at right).  For beam-reaching (sailing in winds coming from the side rather than from behind), the WindHarness should be slackened a bit, to allow the sail to pivot into the wind.

Releasing the WindPaddle SailHOW TO SAIL

    • Point your boat downwind.
    • Grasp the WindPaddle continuous sheet.
    • Release the WindPaddle from under its bungee or deck line by giving the sheet a quick tug (see photo at right).
    • The WindPaddle sail, once it's free from the bungee, should pop open and fill with wind.
    •  Hold on to the sheet, sit back and enjoy the ride!

WindPaddle Sail laid out

In high wind conditions, lead the sheets forward for more downward pull on the sail to stabilize it. If at any time you feel overpowered by the wind, ease the sheet out to lower the sail, which de-powers it by making it more parallel to the water, thereby spilling excess wind. If necessary in gusts, simply let go of the sheet altogether - the sail will flatten to the deck and instantly de-power (see photo at right). Use your paddle for bracing if necessary, and (if you don't have a foot-actuated rudder) as a rudder to steer your boat while you sail.

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