Folding Kayaks (Pakboats) has excellent prices on the lightweight, easy to transport, easy to assemble Pakboat folding kayaks. Pakboats features the Puffins, XT Touring Kayaks & Quest Touring Kayaks. Pakboats folding kayak designs are extremely light-weight with responsive paddling performance. All the Pakboat kayaks feature elaborate cockpits, built-in deck supports and very attractive fabric and colors. In addition, the economical Pakboat folding kayaks have a 3-year warranty, adding up to an incredible value!
PakBoat Folding Kayak

Pakboat Folding Kayaks

Pakboat Puffin Kayaks – Great for recreational use.

Pakboat Quest Kayaks – Fast and light for touring.

Pakboat XT Kayaks – Long and lean for extended trips.


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