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Sea Eagle NeedleNose SUP

The Sea Eagle NeedleNose™ stand up paddle boards boards feature a razor sharp, wave piercing bow, elegant curved touring shape with a straight-line, “no upturn” hull design. These features make the NeedleNose™ SUPs the fastest, sleekest and best inflatable SUPs in the world!

>>> In addition to the stylish graphic design, the NeedleNose SUP’s have added these fine features …

  • Improved the straight-line hull water length which increased performance, speed and handling
  • The PaddlePocket™ is incredibly handy for securing your paddle
  • The extra rales wrap increases rigidity as well as minimizes seam leaks
  • The outline of the Electric Pattern Diamond Deck Pad is significantly larger – giving you more room to test a variety of standing positions
  • Last but not least the Swept Back Skeg has a lower profile so you can navigate in shallower waters and is also weedless so no more dragging around seaweed or debris

The Needle Nose SUP’s come in 3 sizes, NN116 (11′ 6″), NN126 (12′ 6″) and NN14 (14′).


Sea Eagle NeedleNose 116 Deluxe Package


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Sea Eagle NeedleNose 126 Electric Pump Package

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Sea Eagle NeedleNose 14 Start Up Package

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Sea Eagle LongBoard SUP

The Sea Eagle LongBoard is a great all-around stand up paddle board for both flat water and surf, beginner and expert alike.
Available in two lengths:
* LongBoard 11 – (11 foot long – Recommended up to 200 lbs capacity)
* LongBoard 126 – (12 feet 6 inches long – Recommended up to 250 lbs capacity).
Available in Three Packages:
* Start Up – The basics .. board, pump and paddle
* Deluxe – Includes a kayak paddle and seat so you can use your LongBoard standing or sitting.
* Electric Pump – Features an electric pump and a light Carbon SUP Paddle.


Sea Eagle LongBoard 11 Deluxe Package

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Sea Eagle LongBoard 126 Electric Pump Package

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