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Float Tubes

Inflatable float tubes, also referred to as “belly boats”, are often used by fishermen to Original U-Boat float tubesneak into the hard to get to areas of a lake or river. They may look like a simple inner-tube with some straps on it, but modern float tubes are designed to be a top notch fishing craft. Over the years float tubes have been streamlined for better self-propulsion and steering. The material is tough and punctures are not very common.

Fishing from a float tube is becoming more and more popular, especially with fly fishermen. One “fly guy” from Southern Indiana, Jeff Carmichael, has written many articles and posted several videos on his web site about fishing from a float tube. Jeff’s YouTube channel has a number of videos that provide information about how to fish from a float tube.

Previously, Portable Kayaks carried Creek Company float tubes, however they are no longer for sale here due to Creek Company changing their wholesale drop ship program. 

You can search for float tubes on or you can check out our selection of Sea Eagle Frameless Pontoons, FoldCat Pontoons or Inflatable Fishing Boats.

Twin Troller X10

For the best price available on the Twin Troller X10, visit the manufacturer’s web site Freedom Electric The Twin Troller is no longer available from

For an objective review of the Twin Troller, visit

The Twin Troller X10 by Freedom Electric Marine is a two person fishing boat that features a patented electric propulsion system and hands free foot control. The boat will move in any direction based on the amount of pressure used on the foot pedals.Twin Troller in Action There are two 36 pound thrust trolling motors (made by MotorGuide) that are built in under the boat, protected by guards that allow water to pass easily through while keeping weeds and other debris out. The X10 will operate in as little as 8 inches of water.

The Twin Troller X10 can “turn on a dime”, move straight forward, straight backwards or rotate 360 degrees very easily. This makes the boat perfect for getting into tight locations. The Twin Troller concept makes it super easy to adjust to windy conditions, too. All this and it’s “hands free”! Operating the boat with your feet gives you freedom that you can’t find in any other fishing boat on the market.

Available in 2 color choices:

  • Blackwater Beige (Most Popular Color)
  • Clear Water Blue (May require a longer waiting period for availability)

Stable Design:

  • Twin Troller boats are very stable due to the pontoon hull design and vacuum effect of the patented propulsion system. The pontoons on each side of the boat contain recessed motors and provide outstanding boat stability in a small boat. In addition, the construction material used in the boats is actually lighter than an equal amount of water, which makes the boat virtually unsinkable.
  • Freedom Electric Marine offers a full 5 year warranty on the X10 hull! Twin Troller boats are roto-molded using state-of-the art SURPASS® polyethylene resin.Twin Troller - Core The resin is both lighter and much tougher than fiberglass. It’s easy molding characteristics allow the hull to be roto-molded in one piece, complete with features such as equipment trays and cup holders.
  • The hull is free of seams and joints, and wipes clean easily. Color is molded throughout the part, making minor scratches disappear. SURPASS® polyethylene, used both for the hull shell and the integral foam core, maintains high impact strength, from summer heat to minus 40 degrees. The hull resin is UV protected for a long outdoor life and can be recycled.
  • These durable design features make the Twin Troller very economical to own, under $30 a year for operation, clean up and maintenance.

Standard Features:

  • Twin Troller Propulsion System
  • Recessed / Protected Motors
  • Hands Free Foot Control
  • Durable Hull Construction and Sleek Hull Design
  • Padded Swivel Seats, Seat Rails and Frames
  • Battery Compartment
  • Motor Mount
  • Drain Plug
  • Reel Pockets
  • Cup Holders
  • Equipment Storage Tray
  • Wiring Tray
  • Measuring Tool
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Twin Troller Specifications:

  • Shallow Draft – 6-8 inches
  • Length – 10 feet
  • Width – 48 inches (fits in standard pickup bed)
  • Height – 18 inches
  • Weight – 175 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity 565 lbs.
  • Outboard Power Rating – 2 HP
  • Electric Motors – (2) 36 lb. Thrust
  • Battery Life – 6-8 hrs. (estimate based on conditions and series 29 deep cycle marine battery)
  • Top Speed – 4-6 MPH (based on conditions)
  • Saltwater Compatible
  • 5 Year Limited Hull Warranty


Sea Eagle Frameless Pontoon Fishing Boats

Sea Eagle’s frameless pontoon fishing boats are roomy, lightweight, ultra-portable, pack into a small bag, and can be stowed in small spaces. The 285fpb and Stealth Stalker 10 frameless pontoon boats can take you into areas as shallow as 4 inches of water depth. The 285fpb is for the solo fisherman and the Stealth Stalker has space for 2 anglers.



Sea Eagle 285fpb Pro Package

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Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker 10 Pro Package

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Sea Eagle FoldCat Inflatable Pontoon (375fc)

The Sea Eagle FoldCat™ features a patented folding system allowing this inflatable pontoon boat to be fully assemble in just minutes! When fully inflated, lightweight aluminum cross boards and under bars combine to create a rigid fishing platform giving anglers a full access deck. This boat is ideal for two anglers to stand and cast in all directions.

Sea Eagle FoldCat 375fc Pro Angler Package

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